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New product release of super powerful ceramics! Craftsmanship

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Due to the large number of mountain roads in some regions (such as Sichuan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan, Guizhou, etc.), passenger cars with relatively large self weight may experience early wear and tear on ordinary ceramic brake pads under such harsh road conditions. Therefore, Jinli Group has developed a super energy ceramic formula, greatly extending the service life of the product.
Superenergy ceramic materials: By adding metal sulfides and thermal conductive ceramic materials, the product's wear resistance and high temperature resistance are increased while still maintaining its original characteristics of no/low noise, no/low ash deposition, etc.


Characteristics of super energetic ceramics:
Suitable for passenger car brake pads with relatively large self weight
Excellent braking performance, specially developed for models such as the Pajero V73, some Ford series, Toyota Land Cruiser SUV, Prado J150, and Datong G10
High wear resistance and long service life
Provide customers with a thick and sturdy foot feel
Suitable temperature: 0-700 ° C
Specially developed for harsh road conditions, mountainous areas, and other roads
Professional mountain road testing

Mount Huangshan Road Test Data Display
Super energy ceramics double the wear resistance of traditional ceramic brake pads