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The 2023 Jinli Group Employee Anniversary Commendation Conference was grandly held

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On the afternoon of August 1, 2023, Jinli Group held a grand 2023 Employee Anniversary Commendation Conference to recognize and reward employees who have served the company continuously for three, five, and ten years, in order to express gratitude for their hard work and silent dedication, further enhance their collective sense of honor and mission, and strengthen the internal cohesion of the team. Senior management, middle management, and all employees of the company attend the conference.

A total of 108 outstanding old employees were recognized at this conference, who were in different positions, unknown and extremely ordinary. Tell us the meaning of hard work with the simplest actions. It is precisely this effort that lays a solid foundation for the company's development. We believe that under the leadership of company leaders, everyone will continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work and courage to fight, unite as one, unite as one, and work together to welcome the future glory!

Doing every simple thing well is not simple; Doing every ordinary thing well is extraordinary; Moving comes from being ordinary, and role models are around. Stand on par with the rankings, keep up with the best, sail in the same boat through storms, and build together with brilliance!