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Shandong Jinli new material Technology Co., LTD

Good news! Jinli New Materials was awarded the title of "Gazelle Enterprise", making it the second enterprise of Jinli Group to achieve this excellent performance

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Recently, the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of "Shandong Province Gazelle Enterprises" for the year 2023, and Shandong Jinli New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was listed.
Gazelle enterprises "refer to enterprises that enter a high growth period supported by technological innovation or business model innovation. An excellent benchmark enterprise with outstanding comprehensive benefits, significant industry influence, high social integrity, and strong demonstration drive, which has played a significant role and achieved significant results in leading the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises and promoting the development of the private economy.
Shandong Jinli New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is the second enterprise of Jinli Group to receive this honor. As early as 2021, Weifang Erui Brake System Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jinli Group, was awarded this honor. This selection represents that Jinli Group has won market recognition and has industry leadership. In the future, Jinli Group will continue to work hard and shoulder its mission, deeply cultivate and forge ahead, providing safe, reliable, and efficient products and professional solutions to global users with exquisite technology and advanced manufacturing processes, guiding more high-growth enterprises to develop in the direction of the gazelle, and injecting new vitality into local economic development.