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Domestic after-market conditions


A, price competition PRICE CONTENTION.
At present, about 800 domestic brake pad manufacturers (including foreign investment and joint ventures in industrial and commercial registration) are mainly reflected in the domestic manufacturers, in order to seize the market with low prices as the main means of competition. Products are mainly low-grade semi-metal formula, product homogeneity is serious.

B, brand competition BRAND COMPETITION
Most of the world's top 500 parts companies have entered the Chinese market, and began to fully layout the market, brand competition is extremely fierce. International brands are mainly divided into two categories:
1, professional brake pad production enterprises,如 : FERODO、TEXTAR、JURID、SB、AK、BENDIX、ICER、REMSA、MINTEX、PAGID、RH、Galfe-----
2, OEM parts enterprises,如: TRW、ATE、BREMBO、BOSCH;Febi、ACDelco、Gates、Valeo、Hella、 Marelli、Derphi、Mobis-----


A, brand brand comprehensive strength of the competition.
B, terminal integrated auto repair plant, 4S shop, fast repair chain terminal,
C, network traditional distribution channel network, e-commerce channel network
D. Specialization of specialized data (accurate/comprehensive), specialization of services
E, differentiation to enhance competitiveness and channel control, increase profits.