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Competition has become the most fashionable word in the new century. It is a product of social development. Whether you are willing to accept it or not, it is like a powerful and unstoppable flood that strikes you. As an ordinary employee in the sales department, I truly appreciate the cruelty of competition in the after-sales market and also deeply appreciate the crisis brought about by lack of knowledge. From the international brands and various types of domestic brands I have come into contact with, I always feel the crisis caused by competition. Once I relax my studies, I may one day be eliminated by this rapidly developing market.
Buying a lifetime employment ticket that is both safe and secure is not enough. Therefore, we must love our job and work hard to continuously improve our abilities through serious work and learning. Only in this way can we adapt to the development of the enterprise. If not, competition will make us like a general who has lost the battlefield opportunity, no longer having the opportunity to command troops to bravely kill enemies. So why speak up? What are our ideals and aspirations when we are young? The market situation is severe, does anyone with a sense of responsibility and dedication feel that the crisis is right around us? What should we do? We should pay close attention to product quality, strengthen conservation and tap potential, occupy the market with high-quality products, and create more profits at the lowest cost. This is our wise move. Therefore, every responsible Eri person must constantly strive for this. Business literacy and knowledge are the inexhaustible driving force for the development of an enterprise. No matter how the situation changes, they can always help us better cope. Therefore, for us, learning new knowledge and mastering technology can adapt to the changing situation and remain invincible in the trend of change.
At any time, we should recognize our own crisis, and then improve ourselves through continuous efforts to be proactive. Fools wait for opportunities, and winners create opportunities!
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