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Have biases against Chinese specialty cars? You can't even buy these popular SUVs overseas if you want to

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The Chinese automobile consumer market is really too big, like a big cake, everyone wants to share it. Therefore, many foreign car companies have formulated corresponding strategies specifically for the local market in China, and even specifically created Chinese special supply vehicles. However, some car companies are well intentioned and have a bias, believing that localized improvements to specially supplied cars cannot compare to imports. Actually, Ma Ge doesn't care. As long as the quality is good and there is no simple configuration, people can't even buy crooked fruit kernels if they want to buy them.
At present, many popular Chinese specialty cars on the market are mainly sedans, such as Lavida, Lingpai, Forrest, and so on; But against the backdrop of SUVs becoming popular, some popular models are actually Chinese exclusive SUVs.
Mazda is a compact SUV and also the first coupe SUV under Mazda. At that time, the labels of "crossover" and "coupe" made it unique.
The positioning of the CX-4 is between Enclave and CX-5, which come from the same platform as the CX-5. The wheelbase of all three is 2700mm, but they are flatter. And the joint venture car companies are different, with the former being FAW and the latter being Chang'an. In addition to the comprehensive application of Chuangchi Blue Sky engine, transmission, and body, it is also equipped with i-STOP intelligent idle stop system, i-ELOOP brake energy recovery system, and more than ten safety configurations.
The manufacturer said that it is the first global model launched in China, or simply a special supply car developed and sold specifically for the Chinese market. Because Ma Ge did not see the existence of CX-4 on Mazda's official websites in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other overseas markets.
Honda's luxury brand Acura's performance in China is not as eye-catching as the other two Japanese brands. Previously, many people blamed it for its import status, but the CDX produced in China and specifically designed for the Chinese market seems to have not found a way. The appearance of the CDX is eye-catching, even somewhat sharp, and the entire series comes standard with high-tech LED headlights. Although the entire series comes standard with a push button electronic transmission, the lack of adaptive cruise control and Honda Sensing collision warning system in terms of configuration is still disappointing.
The 1.5T engine on the Acura CDX comes from the 10th generation Civic, but its maximum horsepower and torque have slightly increased, reaching parameters of 182PS and 240N · m, which are much more aggressive than the Civic.
Honda has achieved good sales with the Dongben XR-V, which is specially supplied in China, and has also launched two models in the mid size SUV market - the Corona and UR-V. Previously, Honda lacked products in the mid size SUV market, and as soon as they emerged, they targeted popular mid size SUVs such as the Highlander and Enclave.
Although on the same platform, there are still slight differences between sister models, with the UR-V outperforming the Crown in terms of body length and height; The entry-level price of the Crown Road is 26800 yuan lower than that of the UR-V; The Crown Road focuses on the 1.5T model, while the UR-V focuses on the 2.0T model. It can also be understood that the positioning of UR-V is slightly higher than that of the coronal channel.
Dongfeng Citroen C3-XR is the first small SUV designed and developed for the Chinese market, on the same platform as Peugeot 2008. Although the platform is the same, the appearance is completely different from the beginning, one is tough and the other is round. The wheelbase of the C3-XR is 2655mm, which has advantages among other models in the same class. The spacious seating space is a major selling point. The PSA Group's 1.6T engine has a maximum power of 167 horsepower and can produce a peak torque of 245N · m, with good acceleration performance.
In March of this year, a new model was also launched, featuring an optional dazzling gold kit and an 11.6-inch smart large screen. However, the embellishment of this luxurious gold decoration is truly unique.