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We are professional in making brake pads, and we are more professional in doing things

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On the morning of December 13th, the cold winter couldn't stop the enthusiasm of our business and R&D personnel. The car owner came to our company to replace the brake pads. The car is a 05 model Odyssey, and the front pads have replaced his original JL0751 with our company's JL0812. The difference between JL0812 and JL0751 is that the steel back of JL0812 has side holes on both sides, while the steel back of JL0751 does not have side holes. JL0812 can be more widely used in Honda's seventh generation Accord, eighth generation Accord, Odyssey, Honda Civic, Sprite, BYD F6, BYD Sirui, BYD G6, and Miracle S6 models.

Zhang Zhenjie from the R&D department is a young and handsome R&D personnel in our company, who do things meticulously.

Zheng Guoqing, the business manager of the North China region in the sales department, is very familiar with the details of unloading brake pads for Honda Odyssey, including where the screws are two, precautions during loading and unloading, and the tools used. Our business personnel are not only professional in sales, but also very professional in loading applications.

Although the weather may be a bit cold, our enthusiastic comrade Xiao Zheng has benefited a lot from popularizing knowledge about brake pads with car owners. After running over 90000 kilometers, he did not know how to replace the brake pads. Through this replacement of the brake pads, he has gained a lot of knowledge about safe braking and also understood the principles of braking. He is highly praised for our professionalism.

For the praise from the car owner, our Xiao Zheng is a bit shy......

We believe that with your young, ambitious, and down-to-earth R&D and sales personnel, the company's brand will become increasingly popular among the public

We are professional in making brake pads, and we are more professional in doing things. We focus on the research and development of product quality, providing customers with more comfortable and safe brake pads is our company's purpose, providing customers with satisfactory and high-quality service is our goal, and brake pads are trustworthy!
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